What we do

The process is as simple as our web site!  You keep your current provider, and all your devices!

We analyze your current cell phone service bill, and tell you where you can save money – with no impact to your users.  We look for services you’re paying for but don’t use, or services you’re paying for that aren’t as cost-effective as the services you really need.

After reviewing your cell phone bills, we discuss the potential changes with you, and then – with your authorization – we work directly with your carrier to make the changes (you don’t have to do anything!).  The next month when your bill comes in, you save money!

How do we make money?  The first three months, you send us a check for one-half of your savings.  Let’s say you’re spending $4,000 a month and we’re able to save you 15%, bringing your bill down by $600 to only $3,400.  You send us a check for $300.

After three months, we’re paid for… but not gone.  We’ll continue to work with most of our clients on an ongoing basis, reviewing bills and services at no charge.

We do all the work, you save money.

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Two Ways To Review Your Bills

We have two ways to review your bills:

  1. You can download your PDF bills from your carrier and Email them to us.  The PDFs give us most of the information we need.
  2. You can authorize us to access your account in a “read-only mode” with most carriers.  This approach gives us more details about your devices and services, and usually allows us to find more savings.